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Cromwell turret. hessian nettimg, 1/76. (B4-0002)
Hessian strip netting set to fit the Airfix 1/76 Cromwell Tank.
Price  £ 5.99
Centurion Mk 1 (prototype) turret, 1/76. (B4-0001)
Turret for converting the Airfix 1/76 Centurion to the Mk1 prototype version.
Price  £ 6.99
British accessories, late WW2, 1/76 (B4-0003)
A selection of useful stowage accessories for British tanks and other vehicles in Europe 1944-45.
Price  £ 3.49
Churchill NA75 conversion set, 1/76 (B4-0005)
The NA75 was a Churchill variant modified in Narth Africa to mount the Sherman 75mm gun in the Mk IV turret, providing far better HE capacity than the normal 6 pounder. It was considered a success and was used throughout the italian campaign. About 200 Mk IV Churchills were converted to this type.
Price  £ 5.99
Generic vehicle stowage, WW2, 1/76/1/72 (B4-0006)
A variety of trunks, canvas rolls, suitcases, and cooking pots to liven up any braille scale truck, tank, or armoured car.
Price  £ 3.49
Churchill Mk V turret set,1/76 (B4-0007)
Complete turret set suitable for converting the Airfix Churchill or the Revell/Matchbox AVRE to the Mk V variant with 95mm howitzer. Set includes two types of tarpaulin rolls for the sides and a turret ring spacer to add to the base to correct the height for the Revell/MB conversion. The turret itself is hollow for ease of adding figures and interior details. Surface detail includes the foundry number on the turret top.
Price  £ 5.99
King Tiger Henschel turret set, 1/76 (B4-0008)_
The main production Henschel turret, scaled to fit the 1/76 Airfix kit. Set includes extra track to make the Airfix tracks easier to fit, spare track links for the turret sides, shortened air intake covers for the engine deck, and a loaded (for once) MG 34 and bracket for the commanders' ring mounting. The raised turret ring must be removed from the kit to use this set.
Price  £ 5.99
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